Please send your prayer requests to:  Rev-Chris.com@outlook.com

Latest requests:  Please keep all these people in your prayers. 

We have lost a number of family and friends over the winter/spring of 2012. And there have been a number of family and friends who've had medical issues or setbacks.  But the blessing here is that many more are doing well! 
We pray that God's grace and blessings be with everyone who needs them.  Please contact me via email or phone if you need a hospital visit or have a family member or friend who's ill or in the hospital... or who has passed.  Prayer goes a long way!  And, you'll have mine!
REMEMBER:  Prayer requests page will be updated more regularly after wedding season...
  • We pray for a good outcome for Mel's mother's cancer surgery and recovery.   
  • We pray for motivation and a job for Christopher so he can take care of his family.
  • A number of couples are waiting for babies to "happen"... so pray for great fertility for those who so desperately want a baby.  xoxoxo 
  • We pray for the following couples as the enter into marriage in 2012:  Tracy & Alan, Lisa & Bill, Jill & Erik, Juliana & Brandon, Jessie & Peter, Mary & Nick, Nikki & AJ, Erica & Joe, Eve & Dave, Cassey & Tim, Melissa & David, Merrick & Chrisopher, Jessica & Sean, Barbara & James, Amanda & Josh, Brittany & Jakob, Shannon & Travis, Rebecca & Charles, Dorothy & Dave. List will be updated again later in the year!)
  • We pray for the new hospice volunteer ministry at KH for Rev Chris. 
  • We pray for Matt & Jenn as they begin their new lives together.
  • We pray for Sarah & Justin as they begin to plan their wedding.
  • We pray for the successful sale of a home. 
  • We pray for Rosie who is undergoing a new clinical trial.  Pray for success!  
  • We pray for Sandy who passed away recently, and her grieving family. 
  • We pray for Kathy & Mike as they celebrate 40 wonderful years together.
  • We pray for Rhea and Kelly as they begin preparing for their wedding.
  • We pray for Tyna and Tony as they begin preparing for their wedding.
  • We pray for Mary-Ellen and Jeff as they begin preparing for their wedding.
  • We pray for Doug and June as they prepare for their anniversary vow renewals.
  • We pray for Jennifer and Bert as they begin preparing for their wedding.
  • God bless Annie with her new employment and new opportunities, and for prayers answered!
  • Pray for Ellie as she travels to DC and returns to compete in Forensics. 
  • Congratulations to the couples married in March, April, May, June & July!  God bless their patience with the weather too!  =)
  • We pray for Shay and Jeff as they begin the process of planning their wedding!
  • We pray for Liv and Mike as they begin the process of planning their wedding!
  • We pray for Jenna and Kittamo as they begin the process of planning their wedding!
  • We pray for Shawn and Jerry as they begin the process of planning their baby's dedication!
  • Several friends have asked for prayers for their friends with cancer. God, please send your blessings to everyone who is fearful or suffering through this disease.  Bless them and bless their families, their medical care providers and their caregivers. 
  • I ask for your prayers as I go through knee replacement.  **Follow up:  All went well, thank you!
  • Richard is having health problems and could use your good and positive thoughts and prayers for the return of his strength and stamina.
  • H & R are beginning family planning and want prayers for their success.  May God bless all of their wishes in the near future. 
  • Please keep Matt & Jen in your prayers as they begin planning for their wedding in August!  Congratulations!
  • David sustained a very serious injury years ago that left him with serious and chronic pain. All treatments have failed so far, BUT he undergoes another new treatment this week. Please keep him in your prayers.   Wonderful news, the surgeries have made good improvement!
  • God bless Dorothy as she begins her last journey in hospice care. Join me in also praying for her loving and caring family during this sad time.  Update: Dorothy's soul has landed in heaven.  Rest in peace, dear. 
  • Please keep the family of Patricia Wax in your prayers as they struggle to deal with her sudden and unexpected death.  She was an incredible woman of faith, family and fun.  It was my privilege to call her my friend.  Rest in peace, dear one.   John 16:22  "Now is your time of grief, but I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy."
  • Congratulations to Joe & Kelly who celebrated their wedding today.  Very fitting that it was on Sweetest Day, Oct. 16th.  God bless their marriage with all the little things!.  Amen!  =)
  • Sadly we note that Jeff Littman has died.  Please pray for his family and friends.  Jeff Littman, President of Wisconsin Cycling Association, and super triathlete, Lauren Jensen, were both struck by a car on Oct 1st while cycling in Waukesha county just north of Delafield on Nashotah road.  Jeff was flown to Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee where he is being treated for significant  head injuries. Lauren Jensen was hospitalized, with non-life-threatening injuries. Prayers needed asap for both Jeff and Lauren. 

  • Mason Elijah was born 9/12/10 weighing only 1lb 3oz.  Pray for him and his parents and family.

  • Karen was riding along a trail and had a bad accident hurting her hip, shortly thereafter she went head first off a bridge landing on the boulders.  By some miracle, serious spinal injuries turned out to be relatively minor but truly life altering since she is in extreme pain, very badly bruised and expected to have a long recovery period.  Please pray for Karen's quickest recovery!
  • Yvonne's nephew, 23, diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma.  Pray for the treatments to work.
  • Bob and Pat lost their son this week, please pray for their sorrow to be eased. 
  • Please include the newly wedded couple Jean and Mike in your prayers for a long and happy life together.
  • Little boy, River, is having surgery on Monday.  Pray for good results and fast healing!  8/11/10, Drs decide he's healing and doesn't need surgery!!!  8/11/10  Good news. 
  • JR (carpenter) seriously injured his hand and needed surgery.  Pray for a quick and complete healing.  8/7/10 - Surgery went very well. 
  • Young west coast mother, Alexix has been battling two forms of cancer and it has now returned.  Please pray for her recovery and her spirit to stay strong.  9/12/10 She is recovering from SUCCESSFUL surgery!!!  Continue your prayers!
  • Katie is beginning a new chapter in her life and moving across the City.  Pray for a smooth move and happiness in her new home.  8/28/10  Move went well and she's all settled in! 
  • Congratulations to wedding couple Stephanie and Jim.  God bless you with a long and happy life together!
  • Barb W is finally receiving a kidney transplant and is part of a 5 person transplant chain.  Please pray for Barb and all five people receiving kidneys.  8/5/10   SUCCESS!!!  Congratulations!
  • J had her gallbladder out and liver biopsies this week.  Please pray for good pathology reports and speedy recovery.   8/4/10  Good surgery and good results!!!
  • PT is 5 months pregnant and told the baby isn't going to survive.  Pray for grief and sorrow to pass with acceptance and peace to come to this young couple. 
  • Joshua's lung collapsed and is being hospitalized and treated for unknown cause. Pray for a cause and solution to be found.  He's had surgery and is trying to recover.  8/3/10  Had surgery and recovering.
  • Rose who is hospitalized and in very serious condition.  She has been fighting breast cancer for many years.   Please keep Rose in your prayers.    8/2/10  Good news for Rose!!!  Improvement.
For these and all who need prayers, we pray. 

O God, the strength of the weak and the comfort of sufferers:
Mercifully accept our prayers, and grant to those who are sick
the help of your power, that their sickness may be turned into
health, and our sorrow into joy; through Jesus Christ our
Lord. Amen.

O God of heavenly powers, by the might of your command
drive away from our bodies all sickness and all infirmity:
Be present in your goodness with those who are sick or full of sorrow,
that their weakness may be banished and their strength restored; and that,
their health is renewed, and their spirit strengthened for all lies ahead.

Great Spirit watch over those who are suffering.  Send blessings to heal
their mind, bodies and spirits.   Give strength to them in their hours of
trouble and need.  Allow them to feel your great presence and the love of
their friends and family as they continue their journey home.  Bring blessings
to all those who pray and send forth those prayers to you.  Amen

Just as the soft rains fill the streams,
pour into the rivers, and join together in the oceans,
so may the power of every moment of your goodness
flow forth to awaken and heal all beings--
those here now, those gone before, those yet to come.

  • Annie who is moving across counties to a new home closer to her son's high school and who will need to find a loving home for their very good and very loved dog.  Pray for a smooth move and a happy home for them and their Moses. 8/28/10  Moved in and settled.  All is well. 
  • Richard who is experiencing chronic whole body pain made worse by an auto accident this spring.  Pray for better days with less pain. 
  • Dave who is experiencing chronic pain after multiple failed pain management surgeries and implants.  Pray for relief of his pain.   
  • Dorothy who has been moved to advanced assisted living - a big life change for her - after developing a number of health problems.  Pray for acceptance and joy, and rest for her caregivers.  8/28/10 update, Dorothy is being moved to hospice care within the next week.  9/12/10 Dorothy is doing better!  =)