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Choose a wedding minister who enjoys helping you plan your ceremony with all the elements and important traditions you've always wanted and who can provide you with different options for your ceremony's vows, presentations, ring exchanges, special features and blessings. 

Brides and Grooms can design their weddings to meet their religious or non-religious needs.  I enjoy taking the time to meet with couples, share my planning guides and experience so that just the right ceremony is created!

I'm happy to provide you with a quote for your ceremony based on the size of your wedding, location and ceremony elements (ie: rehearsal, etc.).  Quotes are only given in person or by phone. 

These are the moments to share...

Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives.
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There is a standard fee that includes a deposit to reserve your wedding date or anniversary celebration.  Call or email for more information.

What people are saying...+ BRIDES & GROOMS 

Hey Rev. My mom and dad are still raving about you. Not what we expected since we didn't want a church wedding and thought they would be upset.  Thanks for all those special touches that made our day so great.  You really are the best.  Larry and Beth want you to do their wedding next so I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of you and John.  Thanks again. Big HUGS.  Anne and Mark.


We're still trying to get back down to earth after all that love and excitement :)  We would LOVE to post comments about our ceremony, so whenever you'd like to send those (links) over would be just great.  Thanks again for everything you did to put those heartfelt touches into our wedding ceremony!  Talk to you soon, Love, Nikki & AJ


You're the best. Can hardly believe our wedding was so fun, so perfect.  The day whizzed by. Thanks for putting up with our crazy families. They totally loved you. Dave and I want to thank you for honoring our parents during the ceremony. They talked about it all the next day. We're so happy we picked you.  Don't be surprised if you hear from Terry & Beth for their wedding too.  Shanna & Dave

Thank you thank you thank you so much!  Everyone's shocked that even Brad was tearing up during our ceremony and everyone else too.  You made our day so special.  We just love you.   Who knew a renewal of our vows could be so sentimental, so beautiful?   Our kids surprised us with a great trip to Mexico.  We'll be in touch when we get back so we can show you the pictures.  Love you. Gail and Brad

Our marriage coaching sessions are amazing.  Your advice helped us with P's (x) (relative) and we feel even more secure in our decisions and our wedding, thanks to you.  We're picking up the book you recommended this weekend.  P & A 

Rev Chris was a blessing to us for our March 10th wedding. Our original officiant went MIA (missing in action) so a little more than a month from our wedding we had to find a new officiant. We found Rev Chris on the internet by luck and couldn't have gotten luckier. Once we contacted her to do our wedding, she took control and put everything together for us, answered all our questions, and in meeting with her the first time it was like she was an old friend!

She made us feel so comfortable, and helped us put our wedding together exactly as we had wanted and hoped for. She helped us every step of the way and truly was a blessing to find. If you are getting married and need an officiant, you will be lucky if Rev Christine is available to be your officiant. She truly made our day special and we will be forever grateful for all that she did for us! We consider her to be not only our officiant but also our friend! Thanks Rev, for all you did, we cant thank you enough!! Sincerely, Lisa & Bill Grundman
"Hello!  Rev. Chris, I wish I could have bottled that day and be able to relive it anytime I want =).  We had such a wonderful day.  We couldn’t have asked for anything better.  Our families really loved you and your husband which makes us feel good because we have known we chose the perfect person for us!"  ~  Tracy & Alan C.

"Thank you sooo much for yesterday!!!! You did a beautiful job and we knew the first time we met you that it was destiny that you were to be our "Rev" for our special day, and it was you that truly made it special. It is your tender voice, facial expressions and loving words that draws people to you! ...and your  "awesomeness" is awesome!!!!! "   [the new] Mr and Mrs Thomas :) xoxo

"Thank you!  You were quite the hit, everyone loved the ceremony and thought you were really 'cool' :)  I will be spreading your name around town, that is for sure.  It was a pleasure to have you be a part of our day, and I will never forget the much needed support you gave us just by meeting with us a few times before the wedding.  You kept us focused on what we were actually doing, and managed to keep it light and fun at the same time.  I will of course give you a referral on the web link you sent us, and I will get you pictures as soon as they are available.  We are just starting to get back to 'normal', and before we know it we will be leaving for Italy!  So far, we are blissfully happy newlyweds!  thanks again for everything."  Shay and Jeff
"Bettie and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the beautiful vow renewal you performed for our 25th anniversary.  We're still receiving such nice compliments from our family and friends.  You really helped to make our day special.  Glad we picked you. Don't be surprised if some of our friends call you too."  Bob M

Quite a few guests made a point to tell me that they thought Rev. Chris did such a lovely job. She sat down with various guests after the ceremony and just talked! It was great! She wasn't like, "well, my job here is done, see ya!" She truly is a kind, caring, compassionate, friendly woman, and I give her an A+!!!! Couldn't have asked for better!"  Tyna & Tony S.

Hi Rev Chris, We have been so busy since we have been back from our honeymoon.  I was going to send you a link for the pictures.  I wasn't sure if you got a card from the photographer or not.  I love the wedding pictures, they turned out great.  The wedding went by so fast.  Doesn't even feel like it happened. But we enjoyed every minute of it.  We thank you for a wonderful ceremony and both [sides] of our family loved it."  Amy & Chris J.

"I just have to tell you that your wedding ceremony was so beautiful.  We cried our eyes out at the hand blessing part.  It made me miss my husband so much.  Thank you for making this day so special for me and for Curt and Julie."  (Widowed aunt of the bride... right after the ceremony). 

Chris, We are so happy we chose you!  Dan and Terry's wedding was so beautiful we couldn't imagine having any another wedding minister.  Thanks for making our ceremony unique to us!!!  We especially loved your beautiful blessing at the end.  The sand vase made it safely all the way home, too!  We'll be in touch.  Love, Karrie & Sean

"Dear Rev. Chris, We just loved the ceremony and were so glad you and John could share our day with us!  I received so many compliments on the ceremony--thanks to you!  I'll be sure to forward our pictures once I get them back from our photographer."  ~Rhea & Kelly K

"Dear Rev. Starbucks!  LOL  Just kidding.  Len and I are laying on the beach in a rum hut (with wi-fi of course) remembering our wedding and looking at the pics.  We are so happy we had you and all your help with our vows.  We couldn't have done it without you and glad we didn't. "   Mary and Len J
"Dear Christine, Thanks so much! Everybody commented on how nice our ceremony was on Saturday!  It was exactly what we wanted.  It was great to have you be a part of our day. ... "  Kelly R.

"I really feel like we are in good hands with you taking care of us! "  Shay V.

"Dear Rev. Weidner, Thank you for the beautiful service you did for our daughter and son-in-law's wedding.  Such a touching ceremony.  This more than met all of our hopes for her! ..."  Deb & Jack K.

"...our anniversary service was everything we wanted it to be and more because of your suggestions, humor and help especially with our jitters..." Bev & Mike S.