Christine has been married to John for over thirty years.  They combined families and raised five terrific kids who have now blessed them with nine wonderful grandchildren.  She and John moved across Waukesha county to be closer to her parents, who have been married for over sixty years and are a wonderful example of enduring love. 

Prior to 1995 Christine enjoyed a successful career team managing large projects in Arizona, Georgia, South Dakota and Wisconsin.  In 1995 she  deliberately changed the focus of her career, going from the corporate business world to local community based organizations specifically serving populations with important humanitarian and charitable missions.  The years following her decision proved to be full of new challenges and more deep satisfaction than she ever anticipated. 
After nine years as the Administrator & COO of a well respected church, she retired in 2007.  Retirement didn't prove to be as fulfilling (she jokes that she read every book available and got sick of packing a suitcase to travel) so when an opportunity arose to acquire her clergy credentials she jumped at the chance. 

Christine obtained her credentials initially as an ordained ULC non-denominational minister to provide religious and non-religious officiating services for weddings, renewal of vow services, partner commitments, infant naming/welcoming and dedication ceremonies and much more. 

She now has multiple clergy credentials through churches and spiritual organizations that respect all people and all religious and non-religious philosophies. 
When asked 'why she got involved in ministry', Christine readily and happily says,  "Being with people 'in love' is a gift... a wonderful gift, and I am blessed and made better with each couple I meet and each family I serve.  Helping families through other events that are part of the cycle of life is also a very special privilege." 

In addition to weddings, Christine also provides special services for the other events of life:
Funerals, Hospital/hospice vigils, Home Blessings, Healing & prayer services for families and individuals grieving and going through loss or trauma. 
She has a real interest in furthering her own spirituality and being of service to others.

(Christine regularly provides mentoring and career counseling services, and accepts public speaking engagements on range of topics related to her ministry and career.  She also volunteers to work with those who are experiencing difficulty finding employment, on a case by case basis, and as time allows.)


** Rev. Chris has ordinations in good standing with: the Universal Life Church (CA), Church of Spiritual Humanism and the Church of Seven Planes.  She has specifically chosen her affiliations with churches that are respectful of everyone's beliefs and religious philosophies. These are world wide churches of  "community" and not necessarily or solely of bricks and mortar.