FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:  If you have questions not addressed on this page, just give me a call or send me an email.  I'm happy to help!
  • Pre-wedding preparation & planning
  • Wedding ceremonies, both religious and non-religious
  • Wedding Rehearsal coordination
  • Anniversary and vow re-commitment ceremonies
  • Partner Dedications & Commitment ceremonies
  • Infant Dedications & Welcoming ceremonies
  • Infant/Child/Adult Baptisms
  • Hospital visitation/prayer services for the sick
  • Hospice visitation/vigil/prayer services for the dying
  • Healing Prayer services & Prayer requests
  • Memorial, Wake, Funeral & Burial/Internment/Inurnment services

* Please note:  I do not provide certain denominational types of services such as:   "briss, mitzvahs, absolution or any type of psychological counseling services. 

I DO provide hospice and hospital visitation and prayer services as time allows.  

IMPORTANT:  Why go with a verified minister or officiant?  Weddings are an important moment in your life.  Whomever you choose, make sure they are who they say they are 'and' that they are reliable and trustworthy!   

Q: Do you do mixed religious ceremonies, like Christian & Jewish/Hindu/Muslim, Naturist etc?    

A: Yes, that's quite common and the services can be traditional or contemporary.  These ceremonies can be even more beautiful by adding some of the traditional features of both religions such as “breaking of the glass”, “hand-fasting”, “jumping the broom”, “wrapping the couple with a stole”, “anointing with oil”, “bridal circling of groom”, and many, many other special and/or cultural features.

Q. How can a minister perform blended religious ceremonies, "secular" and/or LGBTQ weddings?  A:  My ordination requires me to respect all people regardless of their religious beliefs and/or orientation.  I was encouraged by my ordaining church to reach out to all, just as Jesus would.  

Q: Do you perform completely NON-Religious, secular style services?   

A: Yes, I work closely with the couple on the wording & features to create a ceremony that's meaningful. 

Q: Do you do "fun" or "unusual" ceremonies (dancing, singing or other settings)?

A: Yes, that's also becoming more and more popular. There's no reason not to have a "fun" ceremony as long as it is still respectful and meaningful.

Q: Can our children or pets be involved in the ceremony? A: Absolutely!  (Provided the pets don't present a danger to anyone present and the venue permits it.) 

 Q:  We would like a special feature like a unity candle or sand vase.  Do you have any suggestions?

A:  Yes, I have witnessed and performed a number of special ceremonies and love to have them a part of the wedding because they bring an extra and personal dimension.  Consider Rose Ceremonies, Sand Vases, Unity Candles, Family Symbols, Musical Choices, and more.  I can provide you with some ideas in my planning guides.

Q:  I saw your reviews and they're great.  Why are your weddings so different/popular?

A:  My ceremonies are very personal to the couple. It's my goal to make sure everyone has a smile across their faces as tears stream down their cheeks.  My ceremonies are not "read out of a script" events!!!  Each ceremony is unique to the couple. 

Q: Do you do destination weddings or weddings outside of Wisconsin and Florida?

A: Yes.  There are special fees that include travel and lodging expenses.  However, book early because availability can become an issue.

Q: My fiance'/fiancee' is in the military how can we plan our wedding ceremony?

A: This can be done via Skype or military connection very easily - and whenever the serviceman/woman is available. I make special arrangements to be available in these circumstances (no additional fee).

Q:  We are returning to our home state for a wedding but don't live there. How do we do the wedding planning with you?

A:  Couples who have access to the internet and a web cam or a smart phone with FaceTime can easily plan their weddings with me using video chat conferencing options like Skype or GoogleChat/Hangouts.

Q: Do you recommend a rehearsal if our ceremony is going to be simple and small?  

A: For a small, indoor home services, No.  But, if you're having your ceremony outdoor, at a home, park or other venue, or at an indoor location such as a chapel or other wedding vendor location (banquet hall, etc.), then yes I highly recommend a rehearsal.  Without a rehearsal so many things can really become very awkward or go wrong.  It's worth having a rehearsal.

Q:  Do you coordinate the rehearsal or do we need to hire a coordinator?

A:  There are options.  I most often attend and coordinate the rehearsal.   If my schedule doesn't allow my attendance then I can 1) Provide the couple with an outline to follow; or 2) Provide an associate to attend and coordinate or 3) Suggest a coordinator who can be hired by the couple.

Q: Is the minister typically invited to the rehearsal dinner and/or wedding reception?

A: It is customary to invite me to the rehearsal dinner. If I've traveled to your location, it's also customary to invite my spouse or associate.  And, it is customary to invite the minister and his/her guest to the reception however for some couples this could be a financial burden or even a space issue at your venue.  So while it may be customary it is not necessary. 

I am also happy to do a meal blessing at both or either, if requested.  My husband often accompanies me to the wedding and is happy to volunteer his help to the bride or groom wherever needed before the ceremony.

 Q:  We have no idea about vows or ceremony features.  Do you have something to help us?

A:  Yes, once you have booked my services by making a deposit, I provide you with planning guides via a web-link.  The planning is fun and easy. 

Q: My partner and I can't or choose not to be married legally but we very much want to honor our commitment.  Do you do these types of ceremonies?

A: Yes, I do perform “commitment” ceremonies for domestic partnerships, as long as neither one of the parties are “not” already legally married to someone else.  I can do both religious and non-religious commitment services.  The only caveat is that the individuals are not presently legally married (that includes married but separated) to anyone else.

 Q:  My husband/wife and I were married in the courthouse but now want a formal or more personal wedding.  Can you perform our wedding even though we’re already married? 

A:  Definitely.  I request that these couples simply provide me with a copy of their marriage certificate. 

Q: If a ceremony isn't religious what is it?

A: Non-religious ceremonies are still beautiful and memorable.  They have all the pomp and circumstance as religious services but without any religious references.

 Q:  I want to have a tattooed ring but can we still do a ring exchange ceremony? 

A:  Yes, there are biblical and non-religious wording options for this type of ring ceremony. 

Q: We want a vow renewal ceremony for our anniversary, but have no idea how to do this, do you have wording, guides or outlines?

A: Yes, I specialize in helping all the couples I work with.   I can help you create a ceremony that's personalized for your particular relationship and anniversary.

Q: We're having a baby.  We don't belong to a church but want him/her baptized, can you do this?

A: Yes. Typically these are called "dedications", “naming ceremonies” or “welcoming ceremonies” but the service can look very similar to a baptism up to and including selecting god-parents.  Some welcoming ceremonies are non-religious as well.  There is a fee for this service.  Please contact me regarding fees and my availability.

Q: Where do baptisms/dedications/welcoming ceremonies take place?

A: Infant baptisms/dedications or welcoming ceremonies can take place at any location.  They can be done in the family's home, a park or pavilion, or a restaurant or banquet hall (with permission, of course). 

Q: My relative/friend is in the hospital. He/she doesn't belong to a church but they want to have a minister pray with them (or bless them or just talk with them).  Do you do this and do you charge for this? 

A: Yes, I do make hospital visits in the metro-Milwaukee area based on my availability.  There is 'never' a charge for hospital/hospice visits.  I'm also available for prayer services when life support is being removed.

Q: Do you accept donations for your other services?

A:  Yes, most ministers accept free-will donations for non-special ceremony services such has hospital visitations.  Even though I do accept donations, no one should ever feel obligated for these types of services. 

Q: Do you do funeral/wake/internment prayer services at funeral homes or cemeteries/mausoleums?

A: Yes.  Most organized religions are simply not able to have enough ministers or priests available any longer.  I specialize in doing services for most faiths. There are fees for these services. Contact me for information. 

 Q:  How are YOU different from other wedding ministers or wedding officiants? 

A:  First of all, I love what I do.  I only perform ONE wedding on any given wedding day unless there is an extreme need.  But that would be rare.  I also don’t do cookie-cutter weddings.  Each ceremony is designed for the couple. I provide all of the planning guides and meet regularly before the date to get to know my couples. 

In the event of an extreme emergency I do have support ministers and will make every effort to make certain that no ceremony is missed or significantly delayed.  I've never been late to a ceremony or too sick to conduct ceremonies but life is uncertain so I have in place as many safeguards as possible. 


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In the event of an extreme emergency I do have support ministers and will make every effort to make certain that no ceremony is missed or significantly delayed.  I've never been late to a ceremony or too sick to conduct ceremonies but life is uncertain so I have in place as many safeguards as possible.